Welcome to the World of 360


VR360 is a cutting-edge generation of VR space distribution service utilizing VR technology to transform real space into VR space and seamlessly integrate content within that space.

What is VR360?

VR360 combines "Spatial Imaging" and "Content Service." Facilities captured by 3D cameras can be effectively utilized on the Web. This innovative service aims to enhance visitor satisfaction by embedding audio and images and setting up links for guidance.

Experience the World of VR360

VR360 is the new leader of the next generation of online experience.

✓ Seamless integration of diverse information
✓ Hospitality in the VR space
✓ Customize according to preferences
✓ Cost reduction for immediate use
✓ New Space VR PR difference from other companies

Our Clients

Open Campus:
Tokyo University of Technology

Benefits of using VR360

✓ Virtually hold detailed campus tours without physical presence.
✓ User-friendly and intuitive UI.

Company Profile / Recruitment:
Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co., Ltd.

Benefits of using VR360

✓ Ability to conduct office tours during COVID-19 or potential future outbreaks.
✓ Experience a 3D virtual reality office tour that mirrors the authenticity of an in-person visit.
✓ Comprehensible UI for all users.