Connecting companies To consumers with speed and efficiency.


Platform for consumer personalization content using an external CDP with a headless and distributed to websites, apps and digital signage.

Dash For US Companies

Dashiwake, Japan’s leading personalization advertising software is now in the US.

Dash is a nimble software using your data lake for fast and effective messaging. Includes: Recreate Icons:

✓ Pop Up Creation
✓ A/B Testing
✓ LPO personalization
✓ Product Content Management
✓ Rules Based Recommendations

Why Dash?

In an era of stringent regulations surrounding third-party cookies and global emphasis on user privacy protection, Dashiwake is an innovative solution that empowers companies to harness their customer information effectively to facilitate the delivery of personalized content across an array of devices.

Dash is

✓ Personalized content
✓  Stress-free interactions
✓  Highly engaging digital communication

Our software ensures companies can navigate through the evolving user data privacy landscape while putting the consumer’s needs front and center.