HeartCore Robo

HeartCore Robo

Amplify your workforce through RPA technology to automate routine and repetitive work. Robo is the most universal system on the market with support for all environments and platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android & iOS mobile devices.

What is RPA?

Robotic Automation Process (RPA) is a technology that allows automation for a defined set of tasks. RPA robots can emulate most human-computer interactions to carry out error-free tasks at high volume and speed.

HeartCore Robo: Use Cases and Benefits

✓ Invoice processing
✓ Process sales order
✓ Account Reconciliation
✓ ERP data entry
✓ Employee onboarding
✓ Payroll
✓ Data queries
✓ RPA is highly configurable, allowing for the change in
  your business needs
✓ RPA is cost effective compared to other approaches
✓ Our solution works with any other system

HeartCore Robo

By incorporating robotic automation, you can amplify your workforce. Robotic process automation improves efficiency by automating routine repetitive work. By automating repetitive and often mundane business processes you free up costly resources, ultimately saving money. Our solution is the most universal on the market with support for all environments and platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android & iOS mobile devices.

Multiple OS, Browsers, Devices

HeartCore Robo works with Windows, OSX, AS/400, all browsers and mobile devices. Robots created on one Operating System can work on another without recreating the robot.

Seamless implementation & scaling process

HeartCore enables you to start with limited scope and then scale when you need. If you need to scale, you can also combine HeartCore with consulting services.

Recording function & flowchart for easy robot construction

HeartCore Robo provides an intuitive interface for robot construction. You can create a robot by recording your steps or mapping a flowchart.

Customized training and support

We provide customized training for your team and will support you every step of your RPA journey.

Windows | Mac | Linux :
Seamless Transfer of Automation IP

Same Automation, Same Scripts, Across All Environments. This allows a seamless automation across Windows, Mac and Linux using the same automation development tools. HeartCore Robo is the only RPA tool on the market which supports all three in the same application.
In an IT world where organizations utilize different operating systems, the HeartCore Robo offers a comprehensive solution across three different operating systems to ensure efficient and cost-effective product in one unified package.