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HeartCore Reports First Quarter 2024 Financial Results

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HeartCore: Enhancing the digital experience for global enterprise organizations.

HeartCore Enterprises (Nasdaq: HTCR) strives to enhance and streamline the operational procedures of every client through its extensive range of enterprise software products and solutions. Tailored for simplicity, security, and efficiency, our offerings are designed to enhance user experience and optimize processes for all involved parties.


Companies served worldwide.


Customer retention rate for 2023.


Annual growth

HeartCore’s Suite of Enterprise
Software Solutions:

Our comprehensive software solutions accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises throughout all facets of their operations, spanning marketing, sales, content management and customer service.

We specialize in:
Content Management Systems
Process and Task Mining
Robotic Process Automation
Cyber Security
Stability and Speed

HeartCore CMS

HeartCore CMS

Our CMS features multi-device compatibility, headless support, core web vital support, and advanced functionalities, all powered by a fully managed cloud infrastructure. Ranked 1st for Eight consecutive years in Japan, Heart Core has now expanded its CMS operations into the U.S. markets.

HeartCore Robo

HeartCore Robo

Amplify your workforce through RPA technology to automate routine and repetitive work. Robo is the most universal system on the market with support for all environments and platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android & iOS mobile devices.



The VR360 is a virtual reality spatial imaging and content service that provides a personalized 360o-immersive consumer experience catering to XR, VR, and AR services. Supported by a skilled team of delivery experts, our offerings are accessible across PCs, smartphones, and VR headsets.



Platform for consumer personalization content using an external CDP with a headless and distributed to websites, apps and digital signage.

Software Partners


Installed on individual workstations and laptops, our web-based cloud system for employee surveillance recognizes bottlenecks in individual business operations and creates detailed business visualization by linking to process mining.


Recognized as the most user-friendly process mining solution, our software increases transparency, identifies cost reductions, enhances customer experience, and monitors risk and compliance.


Enhance business operations using our integrated process mining analysis solution. Our platform offers a virtual environment and simulation capabilities to optimize system operations.

Introducing Dash:
Dynamic, Personalized, Powerful.

Lightening fast software to connect your consumers to products in a direct and personal way.

Dashiwake, Japan’s premier personalization advertising software is now included in the U.S. Dash platform. This agile software harnesses your personal data lake to deliver rapid and impactful messaging.

✓ Pop Up Creation
✓ A/B Testing
✓ LPO personalization
✓ Product Content Management
✓ Rules Based Recommendations

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HeartCore provides technology and software for leading global corporations

Go IPO: Leading Japan’s Best
Companies to Wall Street

We launched Go IPO in early 2022 to meet the demand of Japan’s best companies seeking to follow our path to the American Stock Market. Our Go IPO Nasdaq consulting services are based on our experience and deep expertise in navigating the U.S. markets. HeartCore CEO, Sumitaka Kanno is the author of the #1 best-selling book, How to IPO on Nasdaq. This applied industry expertise gives us the competitive edge in servicing our clients.

IPO from Start To the Final Bell

Four Advantages

Competitive cost

Our consulting services offer a cost-effective solution for companies looking to go public, with savings that rival the expenses incurred when navigating the process independently. By leveraging our expertise, clients benefit from significant time savings and a streamlined and efficient path to achieving public listing goals at a comparative cost to self-managing the process.



Our team takes on the formidable task of converting Japanese accounting data to meet the stringent requirements of both IFRS and U.S. GAAP standards, sparing our clients the complexities and challenges involved with the process. We shoulder the responsibility of engaging in negotiations with the client’s audit firm, alleviating them from this time-consuming and demanding aspect of the process. Entrusting us with these critical phases ensures a seamless and efficient transition to compliance with international account standards, while allowing our clients to focus their energies on other strategic priorities.


Swift and efficient

Our streamlined process enables us to expedite and complete the listing process in as little as 6 months compared to the typical 10-month timeframe that includes accounting data migration. Recognizing each clients’ valued time, we are fully committed to ensure efficient pathways to public listings and empower clients to capitalize on their capital market potential.


Wide Array Of Companies

We serve companies ranging from $10 million to over $100 million in market capitalization, while engaging underwriters and auditing firms to suite the specific size and needs of each client. Our team adheres to a white-glove service model to ensure every client receives the highest level of attention and support.