HeartCore CMS:
One Hub for All Your Needs

HeartCore CMS

Our enterprise CMS platform expands our distribution strategy across a variety of channels catering to evolving customer preferences, such as apps, signage, SNS, and IOT, in addition to conventional website distribution.

The Unique Power of the
HeartCore System:

Our platform serves as a content management solution for websites and extends its functionality as a comprehensive content management platform for all corporate content. The platform possesses the capability to distribute customized content based on customer demographics.

Centralized Management

Centralized management of digital with DAM functionality, from photos, videos, illustrations, CAD files, videos, web content, and more.

Enhanced Performance

From productivity to branding, each business sector in sales promotion activities can share the latest data and information at any time.

Streamline for Speed

PIM functionality enables seamless distribution to a variety of channels, including websites and catalogs, and helps streamline catalog production.

Device-Agnostic Optimization

Content can be employed across a diverse range of devices, with separate parts for each device. Personalized information and ensuring multi-device compatibility support for PC/smartphones, etc.

HeartCore CMS: Essential
Management Functionality

A CMS utilized within an organization can be operated by establishing rules for a series of publication flows, including content creation, modification, approval, and publication. You can set detailed access rights, publish dates, and manage page previews. HeartCore CMS supports integration with a wide variety of systems such as mission-critical systems, LDAP/OpenID (authentication), EC/payment, accounting, CRM, etc. Complex sites such as My Page, EC sites, intranets, etc. can also be built on this platform.

Added benefits include:

Accessibility to Global Websites

High-performance automatic translation functions make it easy to handle multilingual sites.

Easy-to-Operate Editing Screen

Screen customization is available to improve the efficiency of updates and operations according to your preferred layout.

Accessibility measures that meet standards

HeartCore provides accessibility check functions (JIS X 8341-3, WCAG, etc.) as standard to our systems. We support the dissemination of information in a universally friendly manner.

Search Speed

Powerful onsite search engine, product availability search, and internal document search available to eliminate the hassle of information retrieval for visitors.

Why Choose Us

We created stringent development standards for the installation of HeartCore CMS to ensure instantaneous page generation that helps improve responsiveness. Our consulting services include SEO analysis, heightened security and lightening fast speed, which has made us Japan’s preferred choice for enterprise CMS.
Our platform utilization extends beyond corporate sites to encompass membership sites, e-commerce sites, intranet sites, and various other sites, transcending industry or business categories.

✓ Reliable Security Measures
✓  Applicable in a Cloud Environment
✓  Extensive Track Record
✓  Easy Transfer