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Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with offices in New York and San Francisco, CA, HeartCore Enterprises is a leading enterprise software and consulting services company. HeartCore offers Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to enterprise customers in Japan and worldwide. The Company also provides data analytics services that allow enterprise businesses to create tailored web experiences for their clients through best-in-class design.

HeartCore’s customer experience management platform (CXM Platform) includes marketing, sales, service and content management systems, as well as other tools and integrations, which enable companies to enhance the customer experience and drive engagement. HeartCore also operates a digital transformation business that provides customers with robotics process automation, process mining and task mining to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises.

HeartCore’s GO IPOSM consulting services helps Japanese-based companies go public in the U.S.

Business Description

  • Development, sales, and maintenance of various solutions that support digital transformation.
  • Development, sales, and maintenance of CMS (content management system) and CXM (customer experience management) using digital marketing technology
  • Development, sales, and maintenance of RPA (robotics process automation)
  • Sales and maintenance of process mining solutions "myInvenio" and "Apromore"
  • Sales and maintenance of CONTROLIO, a task mining solution
  • Sales and maintenance of 3D-VR shooting (Matterport) + original service "VR360"
  • Strategic IPO advisory and consulting services


Shirakiji Bldg. 3F, 1-2-33, Higashi-gotanda,
Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0022 Japan
TEL : +81-3-6409-6966

Number of Staff

53 (full time) (as of January 1, 2023) and other temporary employees, contract employees, resident staff, etc.

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We built a system to achieve DX, but the system was not performing as expected and not being used because it was not easy to use due to differences in awareness of business issues between the system department and the business department.
As in consequence, inefficiencies are created in the company's overall business processes, or the company relies on processes that have become dependent on individual skills, which inhibits business improvement.
HeartCore's process mining product, Apromore, solves these issues.
It is easy to use for the business units that lead the DX implementation, and it is also a tool that allows them to view business process reform as their own business.
The issues that the operations department had could be visualized in words and numerical values, making it possible to easily visualize operations with a high degree of accuracy and identify issues without specialized knowledge.
In addition, it can identify the causes of unusual operations, which has allowed us to take precise improvement measures and contribute to cost optimization.

Hitachi Solutions East Japan,Ltd.

Our Customers

Marushin Co.,Ltd was founded in 1966 in Nagoya City and is one of the top-ranking general trading companies in Japan and also a core company in the supply chain of the towel industry.
In the 1980s, the company formed alliances with major companies such as Nintendo, Kodansha, and Sanrio, and since then has been a pioneer in the major character licensing business with Studio Ghibli, Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and others.
It used to take a lot of time to listen to the person in charge in order to improve the work.
However, since the introduction of CONTROLIO, we have been able to visualize problems from a flat perspective, regardless of the feelings and personalities of the people in charge. By quantifying the productivities of individual employees, we have realized appropriate evaluations based on an understanding of the work levels of individual employees.
In the six months since its introduction, Excel usage time has been reduced by 18%, while system usage time has increased by 47%. The system has also been used to promote digitalization.

Marushin Co., Ltd.

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