HeartCore Enterprises scales joy and happiness in the digital experience for enterprise organizations.

Products and Solutions

  • HeartCore CMS

    As Japan's No. 1 CMS for five consecutive years, our CMS offers multi-device support, headless support, Core Web Vital support, and all the advanced features, running on a fully managed cloud.

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  • VR360

    This is a solution that takes still images and creates a 360 degree VR space. We can provide services quickly and cheaply. Available for PCs, smartphones and VR headsets.

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  • myInvenio

    A solution that integrates five logs for process mining analysis. The solution provides a virtual environment with digital twins and simulation functions that can be used to improve actual business operations.

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  • Apromore

    Recognized as the most user-friendly process mining. Our customers increase transparence, identify cost reductions, enhance customer experience, and monitor risk and compliance.

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  • controlio

    Visualization of bottlenecks in individual business operations by installing it on desktop PCs. Realize detailed business visualization by linking with process mining.

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  • HeartCore Robo

    As a solution for automating routine repetitive work, Robo is the most universal system on the market with support for all environments and platforms including Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android & iOS mobile devices.

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