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Part 1: Visualizing Processes from Event Log Data

An introduction to the process of uploading event log data to the process mining tool "myInvenio" and visualizing processes.

Part 2: Discovering Problems by Comparing with Reference Models

This session introduces the flow of "Conformance Checking," in which reference models are uploaded to the process mining tool "myInvenio," and problems are discovered by comparing them with data-derived models.

Part 3: Advantages of Introducing Process Mining

Five points that can be achieved by introducing the process mining tool "myInvenio" are introduced.

Part 4: Case Study on Process Mining

This session introduces the flow of developing business improvement measures using process mining.

Case Study

Case : Effective Use of Business Improvement

This is a case study of how a global manufacturing company used process mining myInvenio to improve its operations, resulting in an overall 15% increase in lead-time efficiency, an 18% cost reduction, and a 25% improvement in service levels.

It all starts with process analysis with myInvenio

We start with a bird's-eye view of the entire business process through visualization of the current business. Next, in addition to narrowing down the problem areas in the process that become business issues, we analyze exceptional factors that induce problematic processes that would not normally occur.

    Example of an tasks:
  • What are the processing patterns that result in order processing with better than average performance?
  • Why is there a concentration of purchases from certain suppliers?
  • Why does it take significantly longer for only certain items to be delivered?