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Explore Apromore's core differentiators and take a quick tour through its capabilities :

Core Differentiators

Core Differentiators

  • Apromore is a savvy blend of intuitive design and advanced functionality, resting on top of a robust open-source engine built by the top experts in the field of process mining since 2009.
  • Our recipe for unlocking value from transactional data is to offer the best process mining functionality with a smooth look & feel and seamless connections to a variety of data sources.
  • Last but not least, we have the most flexible pricing in the market.

Key Features

  • Built on some of the most advanced process mining algorithms ever made, Apromore includes the full spectrum of process mining capabilities.
  • Uncover our key features, such as native support for BPMN models, visual filtering in a no-code environment, process simulation, data pipelines & ETL capabilities, task mining and predictive monitoring.
Key Features
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Security and Trust

  • Your data security is our priority. That’s why it is always at the core of our development while giving you the necessary flexibility to meet your requirements.
  • Dive into our key security features, such as Data Encryption, Authentication & Access Control, or Deep Security.