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VR360 is a new generation of VR space distribution service that uses VR technology to convert real space into VR space and place content on that space.

What is"VR360"

VR360 is "Spatial Imaging (Matterport) "+"Content Service". Facilities captured by 3D cameras can be effectively utilized on the Web. This is an unprecedented service that will make visitors happy and satisfied by embedding audio and images and setting up links to guide them.

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  • Embed all kinds of information
  • Hospitality in the VR space
  • Can be customized
  • Cost reduction for immediate use
  • New Space VR PR differece from other companies

VR360 Case Study

Case Study 01
Open Campus: Tokyo University of Technology

Benefits of using VR360
1. Detailed campus tours can be virtually held even without physically being there.
2. The UI is extremely easy to use.

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Case Study 02
Company Profile / Recruitment:Mitsubishi Shoji & Sun Co., Ltd.

Benefits of using VR360
1. We would like to hold an office tour even during Covid-19 or any future outbreaks.
2. We want to be able to take a tour of the office in a 3D virtual reality space, just like a real office tour.
3. We want the UI to be easy to understand for anyone to see.

VR360 Experience

Experience 01

VR360 allows the user to walk around and experience the office atmosphere. In the reception room, you can make an appointment for an interview or deliver the representative's greeting via video.

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Experience 02

Training can be done without gathering directly at the store or factory facility.

Experience 03

You don't have to go to the exhibition or museum to see it! Users can partake in experiences through their PC or smartphone, and can also embed voice guidance and character images displayed directly.

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VR360 Differences between common 3D photography services

Process Pattern Comparison

Detail 01

You can use text or voice to greet people and guide them to facilities. It can also be used as a substitute for audio guidance in museums.

Detail 02

Display a map in the upper right corner to check your location and move around.

Business Process Analysis
Process Pattern Comparison

Detail 03

In the space, it can display the contents of the website and give out questionnaires for visitors to answer right there on the spot.

Detail 04

Text should read: Our embedded video function allows you to video playback on walls, monitors, and screens.

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