CX Business HeartCore CMS The definitive CMS selected by more than 650 companies in Japan

Hub for all content distribution

We can distribute to various channels with customers that will diversify in the future, such as apps, signage, SNS, and IOT in addition to conventional website distribution. It can also be used to manage content for websites, and be used in a greater capacity as a content management platform for all of a company’s content. Additionally, the CMS has the ability to distribute content tailored to customer demographics.

Centralized management of all digital assets in the company

Centralized management of digital assets, from photos, videos, illustrations, CAD, and other material data tocatalogs, videos, Web content, and more.

  • Speedy promotion development can be achieved

    PIM functionality enables seamless distribution to a variety of channels, including websites and catalogs, and helps streamline catalog production.

  • Promotion Development
  • Optimal information for all destinations

    It is possible to provide personalized information, as well as multi-device support for PC/smartphones, etc.

Essential Management Functions

A CMS utilized within an organization can be operated by establishing rules for a series of publication flows, including content creation, modification, approval, and publication. You can set detailed access rights, publish dates, and manage page previews (generations).

  • Global sites are also hassle-free

    High-performance automatic translation functions make it easy to handle multilingual sites.

  • High-performance automatic translation function
  • Easy-to-operate editing screen

    Screen customization is also available. We can improve the efficiency of updating and operation with the screen of your choice.

  • Increased efficiency of updating and operation

Customer Experience

Unified management of digital assets from photos, videos, illustrations, CAD, and other material data to catalogs, videos, Web content and more.

  • The fastest CMS

    Severe development standards are set and page generation is instantaneous. We offer a CMS that helps improve responsiveness.

  • The fastest CMS
  • Optimal information based on behavioral history

    We offer a high level of security, and are frequently chosen by the financial industry for our services.
    All possible security measures have been taken at this time to optimize our product.

Why Choose Us

We have been used not only for corporate sites, but also for membership sites, e-commerce sites, intranet sites, and a wide variety of other sites, regardless of industry or business category.

  • Can also be used in a cloud environment

    HeartCore is an installable software, so you are free to choose the environment in which you want to operate. For AWS, we can provide the manufacturer's recommended configuration and specifications.

  • Can also be used in a cloud environment
  • Easy Transfer

    Migration of large amounts of content can be completed in one fell swoop with a Zip file! Minimize cost and time!

  • Migration completed in one fell swoop with Zip file